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Hi folks, Brett here, thanks for visiting my SB to NZ page.

Well, its been 2 years now since I went to New Zealand with the help of a lot of you folks. The time leading up to and for a few months after were a productive songwriting period for me. I dug up and sorted out a few things from my psychic closet. Below are some of the songs, some instrumental, some with lyrics and stories that came from that period. I spent everyday of my 3 weeks there with family, most I hadn’t seen in over 44 years. I am blessed, I am grateful and I have photos!

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Nanna and Grandad
Tunnel to beach at Tunnel Beach.
Brett-Jenni-Cousin John- brother Phillip
Brett-Wayne at TunnelBeach

A few of you may know, I was born in New Zealand on May 1, 1962. I had the opportunity to live with a number of relatives from both of my parents’ families while my mother and her new husband created a home for me and my brother, in San Diego, California. My brother Rick and I were flown to the States in, I think, June of 1969. I had just turned 7, Rick was 8. Though I have often wanted to return to visit those who took care of me, as well as my oldest brother Phillip, my sister Kara, and numerous other relatives, I have not.

Now,  with a daughter near college age, I find it hard to justify the expense of this trip. I found out over Christmas that a family reunion is being planned for Jan, 2014 and my family is encouraging me to make this trip.  That is why I have created this page, to ask for your help. I need to raise $5,000 by January 1, of 2014 to get me there and back. The flight is approximately $2000 round trip. Because I am self-employed, my lost income will be about $2000 for the time I am gone, (about 3 weeks).  I will need about $1,000 for travel expenses. I would love to take my family but that would mean my daughter missing 3 weeks of school in her Junior year and Lisa taking a 3 week leave of absence from her teaching job and the cost would be upwards of $10,000, which is really hard to justify..

I would like to offer our original music in return for your donations. The music can be downloaded from this page, as well as my facebook page. It will be accessible to everyone, donation or not. I will also be uploading some “Before they were done” and “unreleased” versions of songs which I will create a personalized CD of for donations of $50 or more. I will create lyric videos to any of our songs for donations of $100. I will write and record to the best of my ability, a new song for you for donations of $300 or more. Lisa and I will play your party on a non-holiday weekend, Saturday or Sunday afternoon, Saturday night with enough notice, for donations of $500.

This collection is called

“Songs From the Cave”

Please feel free to listen to these songs. If you are so moved, please make a donation to help Send Brett to New Zealand – and back. I have been encouraged to sell these songs as a digital download at $0.99 per song or $6.00 for the collection because they are worth it and I do believe they are. But contrary to popular wisdom, I am making Songs From the Cave available to everyone. I ask only that, if you can, you make a donation to help me get to New Zealand. Any amount is appreciated.

I am a self-employed musician. I run 2 open mics, perform solo acoustic shows, play duos with my wife of 14 years and work in three bands.  My wife, Lisa is a high school history teacher and we have a 16 year old daughter whom we are incredibly proud of. She will be in college in 2 years. Our life is good, I am grateful for it and I cannot justify this trip without your help..

My natural father passed away when I was 18. I don’t remember when my grandparents on either side passed. I fear I’ve been quite disconnected for some time. In 2005, my Uncle Maui, who built houses in New Zealand, got the opportunity to come to the states to work on a home in North Conway, NH. He was my natural father’s closest brother and he was going to be working  2 hours from where I lived. We made arrangements to meet and I brought him home for a huge family picnic on July 4th weekend. He is a lovely man and it was a powerful  visit. I am grateful to have that time with him in my memory.

In May of 2012, Phillip came to the states to visit my mother in Kentucky, my brother Rick in Florida and me. He stayed with us for 2 weeks and we truly became brothers again. Phillip is also a musician and has a beautiful voice. We made a video of us playing and singing together which you can find on this page.

The songs below are pre-production tracks yet to be completed and released, only available here on my SB2NZ page. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to offer feedback.

What You Said was written about my relationship or lack there of, with my natural father.

What Could Be will most likely be called Shadows of My Soul but the jury is still out. Again this is a pre-production recording and is not fit for general release though we do hope to have a new CD out in 2014..



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