This collection is called 

“Songs From the Cave”

“Recorded in 2006 in our home studio, I was just getting my feet wet with digital recording. We had a lot of fun creating these songs. We hope you like them!”

      1. Poor Me

      2. Dream a Dream

      3. Touch the Sky

      4. I Don't Know

      5. What I Leave

      6. Every Little Bit

      7. MayFire

These Four songs are from our 2011 release of the “Sage” EP

      8. Row Your Boat

      9. Nettles

      10. Where Do You Get Off

      11. Arizona Sky

Unreleased songs in Pre-production stage.

      12. Sisters

      13. What You Said

      14. What Could Be

      15. Laughing Bird

      16. This Old Guitar

      17. Hour Song


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