Just Added to Rythmn page:
Audio file #9 above) Drum Loop with looping 8 count based on “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and Audio file #10 above is the same loop with 8 count in first two measures only. These tracks were designed for the practicing of strumming techniques. Chord changes should happen on the “1”.

Here are some simple rythmns to jam too, the first in G major, the second in A minor.

Please enjoy and offer any suggestions as to what you might like to jam too.

Oh yeah! Check out the little Chord Finder at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for visiting, have a great day Brett

Hi Tristan, #1 and #4 are for you to pratice with. I’ll see you soon.

Here we have an Am – G – D progression at 130 bpm’s with theĀ “1” marked verbally throughout. I suggest the practice begin with the DUDUDU (steady down-up-down-up rhythm) then to D D D D (all down strokes) then U U U U (you guessed it, all up strokes on the “and”. The D D D DU U U UDUDUDU alternates 4 down strokesĀ then 4 up strokes on the Am then down-up pattern on the G and D

Please feel free to post any questions.

Be well, Brett